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4 Super Fun Stocking Stuffers

Every year I say I will have my Christmas shopping done before December 1st to help focus on the reason for the season, but I end up wrapping presents Christmas Eve. If you follow my blog you know I love gifts that are organic but it’s really neat when you know what you purchase is changing the world. Below I have listed a few ideas that are not only super cute, but also healthy, clean and small enough to stuff your stocking. I’ll be working on more gift items so make sure you check back. You can click on any picture to be directed to the purchase site if interested. Let the Christmas Shopping Fun Begin;)

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To B or Not to BB

When I turned 35, I didn’t like the way a mineral based foundation powder felt on my skin.  I am dry and very sensitive.  Most make-up breaks me out and looks super cakey. I started using a BB cream and it felt so hydrating, looked so natural, and didn’t sink into my lines.  I wanted youthful, glowing dewy skin without chemicals.

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Skin Need Help? Try A Mini-Facial!

I love skin. OK truth be told I love picking at skin. I think my dream job would be an esthetician doing blackhead extractions all day. I’m also a skin care junkie. I feel like I need a support group. Researching, that is something else I really enjoy doing.

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