One Product That Even Celebrities Can't Live Without

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Guess what celeb loves our amazing Wild Rose Body Elixir?

I’ll give you a hint, she is beautiful, she is wise and she is empowering women all over the world.

If you skin needs a serious drink right now pick up this product. Not only will you smell amazing (my husband loves it) but your skin will glow!

Here is what one customer says, “This product is absolutely lovely and very special. The smell is delightful and takes you back to a time when roses smelled like roses and peaches tasted different from apricots - it's the real thing. Sometimes, when something is called organic, you wonder. With this product you are sure. What I love about this product is that it keeps your skin hydrated and moist for a long time and once applied, your skin glistens. You don't get those awful white dry flakes on your legs and arms. Worth the price.”

Big thanks to Ashley Graham for sharing her morning routine with us. My favorite part is what she does even before she gets out of bed. 🌟🙏🏼

In the latest episode of Waking Up With, Ashley Graham-ELLE's February cover star and executive producer of Lifetime's new competition show, American Beauty Star-let us, and her 7.8 million followers, in on her morning routine. Tune in for her morning at The Standard High Line with the morning devotions that get her going, her crystal deodorant obsession, and her minimal makeup routine…that includes a secret NEAL’S YARD REMEDIES product!