Pollen Got You Down?

When you think of Florida you may envision beaches, sunshine and palm trees. But if you live in the Tampa area, springtime, which seems to start in early February, means pollen time.

When I was a little girl, I remember the month the magnolia trees started to bloom and my eyes being itchy. I never really suffered from allergy like symptoms other than that, but when I moved to Tampa, all that changed. My nose was sniffly, my eyes were bloodshot, and I was sneezing all the time. It wasn’t fun and I was determined to find a healthy alternative to ease my symptoms.

I called my Profession Nutritional Consultant in Seattle, Don Hungerford. He said I was experiencing symptoms of adrenal fatigue. I had no idea what he meant. Let me give you the basics and then I’ll give you some solutions that worked for me. Your adrenal gland’s are on top of your kidneys and are responsible for managing stress, producing a hormone called cortisol. If you are always stressed, your adrenal glands don’t work properly and produce an excessive amount of cortisol, and become fatigued. 

According to the Integrative Practitioner, Dr. Nancy Gahles, there are other symptoms are also associated with adrenal stress. Allergies like symptoms, low body temperature, weakness, irritability, poor concentration, excessive hunger, inability to sleep or mental fog, feelings of depression and anxiety, and weight gain. Super.

Here are 3 products I recommend to combat and ease the affects of itchy eyes and sniffles.

1. Drenamin-

I love standard process. Do your research on it and see if it’s for you. I like that they are a whole food supplement, most are gluten-free, and you can only get it through a medical practitioner (and of course amazon which I would not recommend.) I was advised to take six per day and in one day I couldn’t believe the change. I didn’t really notice a difference in my energy but my aversions and sensitivities to tree pollen seemed to go away within an hour (typically after 3 days you know if it will work for you.)

If you live in the South Tampa area Dr. Erica Lopez carries Standard Process, and I love her, she is a sweet ray of sunshine. Her address is 730 South Sterling Ave. Suite 214 tell her I sent you. https://www.drericalopez.com

If you don’t live in the South Tampa area I would contact Don Hungerford.  He can ship throughout the United States and does this for a lot of my clients.  His website is  Dons Health. 

You can also buy it on amazon (I don’t recommend it, it’s more expensive and you always have to question the quality, but in emergency situations…ok.)  Remember it is a whole food supplement, so read the ingredients.


2.  Nutritional Frontiers, Airmaxx –

My oldest Blake, doesn’t like Pollen either.  My doc in Clearwater Mark Calandro, LMT, CNMT hooked me up with Airmaxx.  It’s a chewable.  It worked great for Blake and most of my friends who have tried it, unless the symptoms are really bad.  Dr. Mark carries it in stock or you can buy it on line. http://www.mactherapies.com


3. NYR Cleanse Oil

 Lastly, for all my essential oil lovers out there try Neal’s Yard, Cleanse, essential oil blend, in a diffuser.  Essential oils can comfort and ease the affects of allergies. Cleanse is a fresh smelling blend containing, Black Pepper, Sage, Palmarosa, English Black Mitcham Peppermint, and Lemon oils. The description reads “Cleansing and expansive, this is ideal for refreshing a sick room or stuffy office, use in a diffuser and breathe easy.”


In any case, remember, I am just a momma trying to do her best, and just sharing what has worked for me.  You should always consult with your Health Practitioner, especially if you are pregnant or nursing.


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