Start Detoxing Your Home By Removing This One Ingredient.

About 9 years ago my New Year’s resolution every year would be to eliminate one potentially dangerous chemical or ingredient from my home.

The very first one I eliminated was Chlorine.

Vanity was the main reason I picked this substance. Water hardness, chlorine, is associated to atopic dermatitis. But when I started researching I realized there were other reasons I needed to eliminate chlorine from my home.

Bleach...I think we have all used it. This is our go to cleanser when nasty bugs come our way.

I used to clean my sinks, showers, toilets, and whites with this chlorine based cleaner.

When I was pregnant with my first son, I remember getting a whiff of the strong smelling product and instantly started heaving out of control.

I thought it must be my sense of smell, since almost everything made me nauseous. As my first trimester came to an end and my smells returned to normal I still noticed a total aversion to bleach.

Now I am not a mom who doesn’t completely disinfect my children’s toys, pacifiers, anything they drop on the floor, (yes I let them pick up their food and eat it,) but there are certain areas in my home that I just need to know are bacteria free…like toilets.

Let’s talk briefly about the active chemical in bleach and why I don’t use it anymore.

According to Sustainable Baby Steps, “Bleach is one of the most corrosive and deadly chemicals and still it can be found at every supermarket and drugstore in the nation, and under countless kitchen sinks. With such broad household use, it's important to remember the risk it poses to children (especially because small amounts will affect them more than adults) or anyone unaware of its effects.

The burn you feel when using bleach products or the coughing you may experience is a sign of the corrosive properties of bleach in your body. And that slippery feeling of bleach on your skin? That's actually caused by the lye (caustic soda) reacting to the fats and oils on your skin.”


They go on to source that 28% of household accidents are due to bleach and bleach-containing products.

I pulled and interesting medical study that you can also check out at you leisure.

Household bleach or, sodium hypochlorite, is usually around 6%, while pool chlorine can typically be found in strength between 10% and 12%. All of this is sodium hypochlorite, and works the same in sanitizing your water.

So here are 3 simple changes you can do to eliminate chlorine in your home. 

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1. Laundry: 

This is super simple and easy. Switch to a hydrogen peroxide based detergent.  I recommend Seventh Generation and Ecover.  Hydrogen Peroxide whitens and cleans just as well as bleach. 

I will put the Amazon link for it below, but please know prices are always changing and right now it is much MUCH CHEAPER to pick up, or ship from Target.

2. Wipes/Spray

They also make a spray, where unless you are buying in bulk (pack of 8) from Amazon, go to Target. Here is the link:

3. Your water:

I have a whole home water filter, it was very pricey.  Chlorine is not good for your skin (and there are other chemicals in water I don’t feel comfortable drinking.) I’m not a fan of bottled water and try to avoid it (for the sake of the environment as well as the chemical BPA, which we will talk about in another blog.)  This is an investment, but if the budget allows, take the plunge and get a really good water filter for your home drinking water.  I did a lot of research and for the price, reviews, and chemical removal I like this one the best.

They also have showerhead chlorine filters, but haven’t been able to research them enough to really make a recommendation.

If you would like my whole house water filtration recommend, please email me.  I’m happy to recommend a few different ones.  And if you own a pool, look into salt systems.  It will make you skin glow!