Skin Need Help? Try A Mini-Facial!

I love skin. OK truth be told I love picking at skin. I think my dream job would be an esthetician doing blackhead extractions all day. I’m also a skin care junkie. I feel like I need a support group. Researching, that is something else I really enjoy doing.

I remember standing in Sephora, scoping out the competition. I saw women fill their baskets with products and thinking that’s probably not what I would recommend for her. Mostly because of the toxic chemicals but also the skin type was not ideal for the product that was being purchased.

I wanted to help show women the correct steps in taking care of their skin, as well as help get them find the right products that are safe.  With the slew of products on shelves today, where do you start? We can waste a ton of time and money on the wrong items.   

I know I have.

Our team came up with an easy way to educate, sample and experience NYR products, with a no pressure approach, before you spend any money.

It’s called a mini-facial. Here’s what you can expect. 

Most of us are not licensed estheticians (although we do have professionals who carry and use our products in their practices) so we cannot touch anyone’s face, that would be illegal. What we can do is walk you through a step-by-step facial showing you how and what to use. Questions like...when do you use a serum versus facial oil or do you put on your eye cream before or after your moisturizer?

I also think it’s important to educate people on what is really in their skin care. Did you know their are over 1300 chemicals banned from personal care products in Europe, where as skin care made in the US, less than 30 are prohibited.  It’s important to learn about what could actually be harming your skin and your body.

European standards are so different from those in the United States. We have hundreds of new organic skincare companies popping up everywhere but unfortunately, they do not have the experience that Neal’s Yard Remedies does.  Even if it’s organic it can still be potentially dangerous if it’s not stabilized correctly.

Our company does weekly training calls. We have product specialists who keep us up to date on the latest training information on every product. Your consultant will be able to discuss your skin care concerns, your current regimen, and help make pick the best realistic skin care routine for you. 

If you are able to do an in-home mini facial. You can expect to use 3 to 6 different products on your skin in the correct order, customized for what is right for you.  The best part is you will leave with glowing, fresh, clean skin.

Contact your consultant today and try Neal’s Yard for yourself. It will change your skin, and you’ll be changing the world one blue bottle at a time.

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