Top 10 Best Essential Oils & How To Use Them [Free Printable]

My good friend Lauren wrote this awesome blog and I had to share. If you live in Cleveland you really should check out the Healthy Mom Project facebook group, she is such a wealth of knowledge and her group is really helping families live a healthier life in the great Cleveland area (proud of you Lauren).

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Healthy Mom Snack Hack

If you have a hard time enticing your kids to eat new foods you may want to try this healthy snack.  While, browsing the isles of Sprouts Market last week a product caught my eye, Noka Superfood Smoothie.  

I have been a real slacker lately, it’s the end of the school year, and I’m as ready for summer as the kids.  After reading the ingredients and certification on Noka, I was though, “It’s healthy and easy…perfect.”


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7 Top Health Benefits of Collagen

Bone Broth contains collagen and is getting a lot of attention these days.

Two of my super healthy good girlfriends @healthymom and @leanneash have recently reported some pretty amazing benefits while using collagen, so, I wanted to dig a little deeper.

I’m not sure the best brand to use yet (tell me what you love Below) but vital protein coffee creamer looked really intriguing so I’m going to start with that one.

There are some pretty amazing health benefits with medical research to back it up.

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TWO Holiday Recipes You Shouldn't Live Without!

Since Thanksgiving Emma Beekman and I have been baking cookies ever Sunday, trying all different recipes. Our personal favorite was the White Chocolate Toffee Brown Butter. If you haven’t browned butter for a cookie you need to try it...but after 6 weeks I don’t think I can look at another cookie. Not to mention my stomach hurts from all the gluten and dairy.

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Organic LivingAmy Hafner
4 Super Fun Stocking Stuffers

Every year I say I will have my Christmas shopping done before December 1st to help focus on the reason for the season, but I end up wrapping presents Christmas Eve. If you follow my blog you know I love gifts that are organic but it’s really neat when you know what you purchase is changing the world. Below I have listed a few ideas that are not only super cute, but also healthy, clean and small enough to stuff your stocking. I’ll be working on more gift items so make sure you check back. You can click on any picture to be directed to the purchase site if interested. Let the Christmas Shopping Fun Begin;)

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Sun Safety This Summer

Ok, we all hear “use your sunscreen,” but do you know what’s really in your sunscreen? A few years back, the very beautiful supermodel Gisele Bundchen, was quoted saying (about sunscreen), "I cannot put this poison on my skin... I do not use anything synthetic."

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3 Easy Ways To Change Our Earth Today

Earth Day, a day honoring the environment, began in 1970. On that day 20 million Americans took to the streets, parks, and auditoriums to demonstrate for a healthy, sustainable way of living.

Whatever you believe, I think we can all agree in the United States we have lots of unnecessary waste.

This Earth Day I would like to give you a few easy switches that can make it big difference in reducing your household’s waste accumulation.

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To B or Not to BB

When I turned 35, I didn’t like the way a mineral based foundation powder felt on my skin.  I am dry and very sensitive.  Most make-up breaks me out and looks super cakey. I started using a BB cream and it felt so hydrating, looked so natural, and didn’t sink into my lines.  I wanted youthful, glowing dewy skin without chemicals.

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Skin Need Help? Try A Mini-Facial!

I love skin. OK truth be told I love picking at skin. I think my dream job would be an esthetician doing blackhead extractions all day. I’m also a skin care junkie. I feel like I need a support group. Researching, that is something else I really enjoy doing.

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Pollen Got You Down?

When you think of Florida you may envision beaches, sunshine and palm trees. But if you live in the Tampa area, springtime, which seems to start in early February, means pollen time.

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Organic Facial Masks That You NEED For Youthful Skin

Who does a weekly mask? Make sure you pick the right one for your skin. (I can help if you don’t know)! 

Which one are you?

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