7 Things Every Travel Mom Needs

I’ve officially entered the world of travel baseball.  My almost ten-year-old is in his second year playing, in this fun, and slightly crazy world. 

Last year I had no idea what to buy, what to pack, but I’m starting to get the hang of it.


 My husband, Travis, who has no social media, was enlisted to help write this, and a huge shout out to all my girlfriends who showed me the ropes.


The first lesson I learned was not all fields have shade, or seating.  It’s a good idea to find a tent that has the drop down shades. Depending on which side you are on you may have direct sunlight coming in from one direction. (See Below)


 Try carrying your tent, chairs, and cooler two blocks by yourself.  No fun,  I love a cart that has drink holders since you will probably need lots of water. (See Below)

3.Backpack Cooler

I prefer the soft case cooler over a hard case.  It’s lighter and easier to clean.  Coolers can get pricey.  

I saw a gal wearing a backpack cooler at a game and thought that was a great idea. This cooler backpack received great reviews on Amazon, is leakproof and a very nice price.  If you have a larger family you may want to splurge Yeti Hopper M30 Portable Soft Cooler.  I swear it keeps ice frozen forever. (See Below)

4.Cold Towels

My friend, Christa, introduced me to these during football season.  In between games she whipped these out of her cooler for the team.  It was so hot that day, so she official won the title of “Best Mom” for hooking us up with these babies. (See Below)

5.Water Bottle

My husband received our family’s first Yeti as a t-ball coaching gift.  I never really understood the Yeti craze until I tried one. Needless to say I stole his water bottle and he bought me one for Mother’s Day…best gift ever. Simple Modern also has a nice one and it’s half the price.  Pro Tip: Look for stainless steel or glass over plastic. (See Below)


 I think Babo Botanicals makes my new favorite non-toxic sunscreen-spray.  Reapply in between games.  Let me know what you think. (See Below)



These organic facial wipes will not only clean little hands and faces but work as and (cough) under arm refresher.  They are enriched with soothing aloe vera and lavender, they’re gentle enough to use daily and keep you smelling fresh.  Pro Tip: If you break out from sweat on your back, wipe your shoulders and back after each game. (See Below)

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