Blake Turns Eight! in the hey did that happen?

I remember the first time I held you.

I remember the first time you smiled.

I remember the first time you said mama.

Your first step, Your first day of school, the first time you saw both of your brothers.

I love your sensitive heart.

I love that you care about others.

I love how freaking excited you get when you watch baseball.

The beginning of the school year hasn’t been the easiest. Your foot in a cast, and struggling with reading, but you have taught me so much.

You have taught me to never give up on you. To work hard and laugh, even when the situation pretty much stinks...and patience a whole lot of patience.

Thanks for letting me build Legos with you, play the occasional video game, pitch underhand to me because I’m a girl (yeah I’m working on that), coming into my bed at 5 AM every morning, steal all the covers and my pillow but then let me read the Bible to you before you get up. For taking care of Rudi, Trip, and Knox and having the patience that you do. Thanks for listening to your Dad, because he is pretty darn wise. And honestly just being who you were created to be.

Happy Birthday Blake, we love you!